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The pug is a variety of canines with actually particular highlights of a wrinkly, short-gagged face, and twisted tail. The variety has a fine, polished coat that arrives in an assortment of tones, frequently light earthy colored or dark. It is a conservative, square body with all-around created muscles.

The Pug’s witticism is the Latin expression “multum in parvo” (a ton in a little)— an able depiction of this little yet strong variety. They come in three tones: silver or apricot-grovel with a dark face veil, or all dark. The huge round head, the large, shimmering eyes, and the wrinkled temple give Pugs a scope of human-like articulations—shock, satisfaction, interest—that have enchanted proprietors for quite a long time.

Pug proprietors say their variety is the ideal house canine. Pugs are upbeat in the city or country, with children or old timers, as a solitary pet or in a pack. They make the most of their food, and care should be taken to keep them trim. They do best in moderate environments—not excessively hot, not excessively cold—but rather, with appropriate consideration, Pugs can be their lovable selves anyplace.


  • Height: 10-13 inches
  • Weight: 14-18 pounds
  • Life Expectancy: 13-15 years
  • Ranks 28 of 197


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