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Stain & Pet Odor Eliminator For Your Household

Stain & Pet Odor Eliminator

Stain & Pet Odor Eliminator  is best when you have pet in your household. Sharing life with pets brings incredible joy, but adorable dogs and cats also come with their fair share of odors. 

Whether you share your heart and home with a new puppy, an adopted adult cat, or a dog whose paws leave tell-tale prints behind, pet odor eliminators are must haves in any pet household. 

Fortunately, I’ve tried the majority of stain & pet odor eliminator available these days and amassed a list of the hits while eliminating the misses. Just because the odor says “best dog deodorizing spray” or “best pet enzymatic cleaner” doesn’t mean they are effective. In fact, we encourage you to peruse our list of the best pet odor eliminators and spend your dollars wisely. 

Pet Enzymatic Cleaner

In addition to first-hand experience with these products, we also considered a variety of other factors from safety to consumer reviews and much more. Here are our top product picks for best stain & pet odor eliminators.

Live Pee Free! Odor Eliminator 100% Eliminates Pet Odor on Contact. 20% Off. No Enzymes, No Fragrance, No Detergent, No Bleach – Safe for Kids and Pets.

 “Live Pee Free! Odor Eliminator 100% Eliminates Pet Odor on Contact. 20% Off . No Enzymes, No Fragrance, No Detergent, No Bleach – Safe for Kids and Pets.”

Why Pet Odors Cause A Big Stink

As stain & pet odor elimination is a big problem for pet lovers. Learning to train a puppy to pee and poop outside is something most pet parents will encounter in their lives. While a dog is being housetrained, there will be indoor accidents. Stains & Urine odors can linger and if not properly cleaned will not completely go away. 

Pet Urine Odor Solution Kits for Carpet, Cement, Patios, Garages, Basements, Yards, and Artificial Grass

Puppies and adult dogs who have indoor accidents will often return to the same spot again and again. This is why a pet enzymatic cleaner, stain & pet odor eliminator with safe ingredients is important to use on the stain and odor. 

Rocco & Roxie Stain & Odor Eliminator 

If your dog has ever scooted across the floor, you know that fishy trail stink that is left behind. Anal sac material carries with it one of the most pungent odors on the planet. So these stain & pet odor eliminators help us to clean our household.

Sometimes dogs and cats may have urinary tract infections, anal gland problems, and yeast infections of the paws or skin that cause unpleasant smells. Or our pets simply emit natural odors from their bodies. For these reasons, we recommend always having safe deodorizing products handy so you can stop pet odors in their tracks. 

How Do Pet Odor Eliminator Work?

Stain & Pet Odor Eliminator break the odor down so that it disappears without harmful chemicals. Most Stain & Pet Odor Eliminator target stains in addition to odors. After color testing with an enzymatic pet odor eliminator, the offending material and odor should be gone. 

Stain & pet odor eliminator for carpets should safely neutralize the smell so pets are discouraged from relieving themselves in the same spot. Odor eliminators for the home include sprays, atomizers, candles, oils, misters, and plug-ins. But picking safe options is essential. Prying paws and wagging tails may knock candles over and plug-ins are tempting to curious puppies and bored dogs. 

Pet-safe deodorizers

Pet-safe deodorizers are handy for in-between baths and like all pet odor eliminators should be non-toxic and safe for people and pets. 

Pet Urine Odor Solution Kits for Carpet, Cement, Patios, Garages, Basements, Yards, and Artificial Grass

Pet Urine Odor Eliminators: What To Look For

When you reach for a potential pet odor eliminator or find one of interest online, flip the bottle or container around and read the label’s ingredients. Here are some key pointers to help you find the most effective and safe products to fight dog and cat odors:

Ingredients: Do not use anything with formaldehyde, isopropyl alcohol, phenols, or bleach to clean stains or attempt pet odor elimination. The health and safety of your pets is worth understanding the ingredients in odor eliminators. 

Safety Testing: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) encourages pet parents to use EPA-registered products with the EPA’s Safer Choice Label, which are considered to be less harmful. Some brands will tout studies and proof of safety testing on their label or “EPA registered” text. 

Some products meet the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s BioPreferred program standards and can display the USDA BioPreferred label on their products.

Environmental Friendliness: Many pet parents want pet odors to disappear without causing harm to the environment. Some odor eliminators are plant-based and contain natural extracts or cultures. 

Ease of Use: Gone are the days of lugging a heavy shampoo machine into your home to get rid of pet odors on the carpet. Pets should not be inhaling unnecessary scents while traipsing through damp or wet chemically-treated areas. Today’s modern pet parent demands a product that gets the job done safely, efficiently, and with a minimal amount of time spent.

Reviews: Hop over to and read through the verified reviews. What do people say about stain & pet odor eliminator, deodorizers, and cleaners? Consider the cleaners that have the best overall feedback.  

How We Ranked Our Top Stain & Pet Odor Eliminators

Over the course of several dogs and several decades, there aren’t many stain & pet odor eliminator I haven’t tried. If a product has toxic chemicals, negative reviews, or could harm me or my dog, I won’t allow it in my home or on my floors, carpeting, and the dog’s paws. 

In order to make our list, we looked at all of the variables mentioned above—from safe ingredients to reviews—and coupled that with real-life testing. We tried these products on various odors and different situations. We sprayed them on carpeting, poured them in a litter box, and misted one onto our dog’s fur. 

Cost of Stain & Pet Odor Eliminators

Cost is also an important factor. Many products these days provide pet parents more bang for their buck with a “less is more” philosophy. Our overall winner did not require much product to produce outstanding pet odor and stain elimination. 

Best Stain & Pet Odor Eliminator: Overall Winner

Our pick: Live Pee Free

Live Odor Free!® uses patented Noble Ion® Odor Technology which contains billions of positive (+) ions that eliminate the foul smelling negative (-) ions contained in pet urine and other organic odors. A plus (+) and a minus (-) = zero smells. Naturally eliminates odors on contact without enzymes, fragrances or detergents.

Our scientists have uncovered a new patented technology that doesn’t use enzymes, fragrance or detergents; instead, we’ve discovered a way to eliminate the odor at its source. A science all pet owners may not understand, but can definitely appreciate!

Live Odor Free

Enzymes stop working, fragrance mixes a sweet smell with the foul one and odor-trappers only work for 3-7 days. Our patented Noble Ion® Odor Technology is the first new odor technology in over 20 years.  It completely eliminates the odor because it eliminates its source – so you know it will never return.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Refunding is easy – fixing the true problem is harder. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your Live Odor Free!®  purchase, let us know! Our goal is to fix your odor problem. So, we want to hear your feedback positive or negative.   If the product did not work for you give us a call or email us and our technicians will work with you to understand why it did not work and how we can fix it.  Talk to our odor experts for the right solution. Sometimes the fix is just making sure you have the right product for the job. We believe in our products and getting you the right solution. 

Pick the Right Product

Type 1: Maintenance, Shallow Depth or New Spots. Liquid products 16 oz or 64 oz.

  • Dog Urine 2X
  • Cat Urine 2X
  • Cat Litter 2X
  • Carpet Machine 2X
  • 24/7 Automatic Mini-Odor Removal – Wall Unit Sprayer

Type 2: Medium Depth, Spots that have not been there very long, and/or previously treated with another cleaning product. Liquid products gallons or 3 Step kits.

  • Dog Urine 2X
  • Cat Urine 2X
  • Cat Litter 2X
  • Carpet Machine 2X
  • 3 Step Kits

Type 3:  Deep, old urine spots. The really tough spots.

  • 3 Step Kits

Questions? Talk to our odor technicians. 


All of our products came from customer requests. We did not make up our product lines in a small conference room with gurus who have never talked to a real customer. 

We have spent years talking to over hundreds of thousands of customers at state fairs, trade shows, and local events.  As a result, we constantly get requests from happy customers, and we’re listening! Our chemists are busy in our labs and our product line continues to grow! Check out our collections to see what you, the customer, asked us to solve.

Our Live Odor Free!® Pet Collection products solve all the smelly situations animal lovers find themselves in. To date, we’ve created solutions for pet urine, cat litter, carpet cleaning, bedding, skunk spray, and your dog’s coat. Every pet owner needs Live Odor Free!™ and Live Pee Free!® products, whether you’re potty training a puppy, dealing with a skunked dog, holding your nose from “wet dog” smell, cleaning the litter box, or caring for an elderly pet.

 Our Live Odor Free!® Home Collection eliminates common household odors you often find when you’re cooking, cleaning and doing laundry. Try it in the refrigerator, garbage disposal, dishwasher, kitchen trash and after cooking that glorious exotic recipe that is still evident in your kitchen three days later.  

Best Urine Odor Eliminator

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