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14 Easy Homemade Dog Food Recipes

These healthy, homemade dog treat recipes are super easy to prepare. You will love that you know all of the healthy, whole-food ingredients that go into the—dog treats you buy at the pet store are often filled with unhealthy additives and preservatives—and your dog will just love how they taste! Making homemade dog treats are one of the best ways to bond with your dog, and you avoid the hassle, time, and potential dangers associated with making your dog’s food. Just remember that treats shouldn’t account for more than 10 percent of your dog’s diet. Ready, set, bake!

#1 Blueberry Oatmeal Treats

Blueberries are baked with antioxidants, making them a superfood for dogs! Try these treats from The Little Epicurean or one of the other Tdelicious superfood treat recipes!

#2 Blueberry + Coconut Oil Biscuits

Double up on the superfoods in these baked biscuits from Sprinkles and Sea Salt where both blueberries and coconut oil play starring roles! For even more blueberry dog treats check this awesome roundup!

#3 Peanut Butter Carrot Cake

This cake from Put On Your Cake Pants looks straight out of the case at your local bakery, but it’s actually designed for pups! The honey helps dogs fight off seasonal allergies. It’s perfect as an Easter treat or for any time of year!

#4 No-Bake Sweet Potato Peanut Butter & Oats Treats

No oven, no problem! This crazy-easy recipe from 17 Apart combines potassium-rich sweet potatoes with tasty peanut butter. If your dog can’t get enough sweet potatoes, find more healthy yam-based treat recipes here!

#5 Minty Green Bones

If your dog suffers from bad breath, these treats from Eating with Emmy Lou will help his halitosis. The green here is actually spinach and parsley, combined with coconut. Check this treat recipe list for more stinky-breath fighting ideas using activated charcoal and peppermint.

#6 Spinach and Green Apple Biscuits

Spinach-rich biscuits from Pretty Fluffy are fun to make for St. Patrick’s Day… check here for more St. Patty’s-specific treats. But your dog will appreciate the healthy fats from coconut oil any time of year.

#7 Pumpkin Puppacino

How adorable is this dog-friendly PSL from Damn DeliciousPumpkin is a superfood for dogs and actually helps to cure and prevent both dog constipation and in some cases diarrhea. While this up for your basic pup or find more pumpkin treat recipes here.

#8 Oat and Apple Pretzels

Apples are an excellent source of fiber, which supports a dog’s healthy digestion, as well as vitamins A and C. Try one of these fall-friendly apple treats or make these pretzel dog bites from The Rookie Cookie that taste as good as they look.

#9 Watermelon Popsicles

When the weather turns steamy, an icy treat can be just the trick to prevent your dog from getting too hot. Grr, Feisty developed these crazy-simple treats (just watermelon and coconut milk). If your dog prefers other fruits or savory flavors, check our list of other DIY pup-sicles.

#10 Peppermint Patties

When Halloween rolls around, we like to treat our dogs with pup-friendly homemade candy (find the full list here). These peppermint treats from Dalmation DIY are easy to make and have the bonus of making your dog’s breath nice and fresh.

#11 No-Bake Super Snacks

These sweet and easy treats couldn’t be any more simple. Chia seeds provide a superfood boost, while the rest of the ingredients you almost certainly already have in your pantry. Get the recipe!

#12 Satisfying Fruit and Nut Bars

Did you know that you can make trail mix for your dog? Try one of these fun recipes the next time you’re out hiking with your dog. Or whip up a trail mix bar like these treats from Newf and Hound.

#13 Peanut Butter Bacon Ice Cream Sandwiches

You’d never know from looking at them that these decadent ice cream sandwiches contain two of your dog’s favorite foods! Whip up these ice treats from The Cookie Rookie on a hot day or any other of these dog ice cream recipes from our summer-fun list. Find the way to your puppy’s heart with antioxidant-rich strawberries and probiotic-rich yogurt. These pretty treats are great for Valentine’s Day or any day. Get the recipe!

#14 Ollie Dog Treats

You don’t have to DIY it to have homemade treats filled with fresh ingredients your dog will enjoy. Ollie’s Dog Snacks like Savory Beef Strips, Sweet Potato Slices, and Tasty Turkey Strips are made with human-grade meats and produce for a healthy dog from the inside out.

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